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Great Northern Popcorn Hot Dog Machine w/ 11 Rollers & Cover

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Great Northern Popcorn Hot Dog Machine w/ 11 Rollers & Cover - Stainless Steel

Serve up fresh, delicious hot dogs like you get in the movie theatre with the Great Northern Popcorn Hot Dog Machine w/ 11 Rollers & Cover (4106DOG). This hot dog machine features eleven (11) nonstick rollers that can hold up to 30 hot dogs with ease, allowing you to serve a large amount of people. Dual temperature controls enable you to heat the hot dogs in the front rollers and keep the dogs in the back rollers warm so they don't start to taste bad while they're waiting to be eaten. The included cover protects the hot dogs from dirt, debris, and many other contaminants, keeping you safe from bacteria and germs.

On the bottom of the machine, skid-proof rubber feet allow it to be placed on top of counters without worrying that it will slide off, while the heavy duty motor will let the hot dog machine operate for a long time. The safety temperature controls make sure that the machine doesn't warm up the hot dogs too hot, so the machine doesn't burn out. With an easy on/off power switch and an included removable drip tray, this hot dog machine is perfect anywhere in the home or outdoors for a BBQ or party.

  • Amount of Food:

    Fully-rotating rollers allow you to heat up and warm up to 30 hot dogs, which is great for feeding large groups

  • Easy Operation:

    This hot dog machine is easy to clean and to operate, meaning you can work it whenever you need to with no problems

  • Safety Controls:

    Temperature controls ensure that the machine will not go to too hot of a temperature, keeping you safe