TILT Mini Variable Aerator

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HOST TILT Mini Variable Aerator

There is no need to spend hours decanting your wine when you have the HOST TILT Mini Variable Aerator (HST2472). Not only does this handy device instantly aerate your wine as you pour but it also has an integrated stopper, allowing you to preserve your wine for much longer than you could before. You will have better tasting, longer-lasting wine simply by using this compact aerator. Made of BPA-free acrylic and small enough to carry with you everywhere you go, you'll always be ready to enjoy a fantastic glass of wine.

  • Aerates:

    This device will soften tannins and release your wine's full bouquet, giving you a great-tasting glass of wine with each pour

  • Preserves:

    The integrated wine stopper will allow you to preserve your already opened bottle of wine without you having to struggle to reinsert the cork

  • Compact:

    Because of its compact size, you can easily take this mini aerator with you wherever you go