720 Lbs. Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Ice-O-Matic 720 Lbs. Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser - Silver

Have deliciously soft and chewable nugget ice dispensed in your place of business using the Ice-O-Matic 720 Lbs. Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser (GEMD790A). More than just an ice maker, this machine also dispenses fresh, clean water, making it perfect for all healthcare, foodservice and office applications.

  • Pure Ice® Technology:

    This ice machine's Pure Ice® technology ensures that the inner components are protected from odor, bacteria and scaling, which can all effect the taste of your ice

  • Impressive Ice Production Speed:

    Although small, this ice maker has the capability to make an impressive 720 lbs. of ice a day

  • Rapid Recovery Time:

    Frequent ice usage is no problem for this unit due to its ability to make up to 30 lbs. of ice an hour and can store up to 90 lbs. of ice at a time

  • Soft, Chewable Ice:

    Your patrons or patients will adore the soft beverage-friendly nugget-style ice produced by this ice maker

  • Two Spout Operation:

    Productivity is never halted due to the two-spout design, one designed to dispense water and the other for ice

  • Touch-Free Dispense:

    Motion-activated dispensing allows for sanitary touch-free operation

  • Direct Dispense:

    This machine's Direct Dispense design and Quick Stop technology ensure that the ice hits the cup everytime and that there won't be any melted ice messes to clean up afterwards

  • Quiet Operation:

    This unit operates quietly and efficiently, allowing you to place it anywhere low noise levels must be maintained