PuriCare Smart Air Purifier Tower

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PuriCare Smart Air Purifier Tower

Bring convenient air purity control to your home with the LG PuriCare Smart Air Purifier Tower (AS401VGA1), that’s tall enough for easy operation and referencing for both adults and children. This tower features Smart Indication and lighting – capable of detecting the levels of pollutants and particulates in the air and then turn that information into a simple color-coded light. You’ll be able to improve the quality of your air with a rang of 218 square feet. You want it in an area that’s bigger? Well, the lightweight design allows this tower to be moved around with little to no effort to help it effect as much of your home as you like.

  • Matter Indicator

    The Smart Indicator can detect the amount of particulates in the air and feedback the information in simple terms via the PM display

  • Smart Lighting System

    Easy referencing when it comes to levels of pollution. This tower has four different colored lights to easily indicate the levels of pollution in the air. Red is the worst, whereas green is the best, with next to no pollution in the air

  • Whisper Quiet

    The Smart Inverter of this tower allows ultra quiet operation, working at 20 dB. This means that users can leave this purifier on overnight with no risk of being disturbed throughout the night

  • Great Coverage

    This tower can influence the air quality of an area of 218 square feet, and is light enough to be repositioned frequently to treat an even bigger area

  • Different Modes

    Auto mode, sleep mode and manual mode allow easy control over the levels of air control – with auto changing depending on how much pollution is detected in the air. Turbo mode makes this unit operate at full power for 30 minute periods for quick bursts of air purification

  • Sleek Design

    Tall tower model that comes with easy-to-use controls located on the top. The height is perfect for adults to use, as well as children
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