15 Inch Outdoor Crescent Ice Maker Stainless Steel

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.
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Discontinued Product

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Marvel 15" Outdoor Crescent Ice Maker Stainless Steel

Keep all of your drinks ice cold with the Marvel 15" Outdoor Crescent Ice Maker Stainless Steel (25OIM-SS-F-R, 25OIM-SS-F-L). This amazing ice machine produces smooth crescent ice cubes that are perfect for cooling your drinks throughout the summer. With production capacity of twelve (12) lbs of ice for every 24 hrs, and a storage capacity of fifteen (15) lbs of ice at one time, this ice machine is more than enough to produce enough ice for you, your family and your friends, and removes the need to spend time and money buying the expensive ice bags every time you have guests or special occasions.

The door on this exquisite ice machine is made from flawless stainless steel that is sure to mach your existing outdoor appliances and gives the machine a sleek and modern appearance. A self closing door ensures that the seal is always formed and that you wont have to worry about an accidentally ajar door running up your energy bills and melting your ice. Another convenient feature of this ice maker is that it does not require a drain, making it easy to place exactly where you want it, and is incredibly easy to set up and start running. To give you more adjustability on placement Marvel included 1" adjustable legs underneath so that you have room to set the unit to the perfect height. This great ice maker is a perfect addition for anyone who likes to entertain, or just use alot of perfectly formed ice without having to buy large bags from a grocery or convenience store.

  • Large Ice Production:

    This amazing unit can create up to 12 lbs of ice per 24 hours

  • No Drain Required:

    The unique design of this ice-maker does not require a drain, making it easy and convenient to place in your home

  • Large Storage Capacity:

    Able to store up to 15 lbs of ice at any one time, with this ice machine you can have all the ice you'll need right at hand