Mirage Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burner

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.
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Napoleon Mirage Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burner

Revolutionize the way you approach outdoor grilling with the Napoleon Mirage Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burner (M485RSIBPSS-1, M485RSIBNSS-1). Designed with countless user intuitive features, this grill is built by grill users, for grill users. With five (5) burners and a cooking area of 815 sq. in., this grill is big enough for even the largest grilling projects. Napoleon is a leader in infrared burner design, and the burners on this grill are built to quickly and effectively lock in the juices and flavor of your foods, helping you create mouthwatering meals that are sure to impress. A side infrared sizzle zone burner is included to give you a second location for grilling, for added user convenience and to help you tackle cooking multiple temperature sensitive foods at one time.

The outside of the grill is built with elegant stainless steel that is durable and modern, and a wrap around condiment tray helps you organize all of your spices and condiments, keeping your grill looking clean and your flavors right at hand. These trays also have hooks to allow you to hang your grilling utensils and two large stainless steel cabinet doors hide even further storing area, ensuring that you can keep all of your grilling tools, flavors, and accessories organized right inside your grill. On the opposite side of the sizzle zone is an integrated ice box whose lid doubles as a cutting board, further enhancing the functionality and giving you the ability to cook and cut your foods all in one place. The lid of the grill has a built in temperature gauge that utilizes Napoleon's ACCU-Temp technology, to give you clear and precise readings of the temperature inside of your grill. The independent burners are controlled with easy to adjust temperature knobs that are backlit using Napoleon's i-GLOW technology that will give you confidence cooking even in the dark. With an enormous cooking area, convenient storage space, thoughtfully engineered luxury features, and powerful burners, this grill is perfect for the grill enthusiast looking to step up his/her grilling game.

  • Convenient Storage:

    A wrap around condiment tray with hooks for grill utensils, combined with a large bottom cabinet makes storing and organizing your grill accessories and spices easier than ever

  • Backlit iGLOW Control Knobs:

    Control knobs utilizing Napoleons iGLOW technology allow you to confidently cook even in the dark

  • Temperature Gauge:

    A built in temperature gauges allows you to have quick and precise readings of the temperature inside your grill