Mirage Grill w/Infared Rear & Side Burner

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Napoleon Mirage Grill w/Infrared Rear & Side Burner - M605RSBIXSS-1

Utilize the ultimate in grill design and engineering with the Napoleon Mirage Grill w/Infrared Rear & Side Burner (M605RSBIPSS-1, M605RSBINSS-1). This luxurious stainless steel grill is packed with user friendly features that will revolutionize your grilling experience. Built with six (6) burners and a grilling area of 920 sq. in. this grill large enough to cook for you, your family, and your friends. These burners are situated from front to back, giving you multiple cooking locations and independently controlled burners allow you to cook different foods at different heating levels. Napoleon is a leader in infrared burner design, and the burners on this grill were designed to quickly lock in the juices and flavors of your foods, helping you to cook mouthwatering steaks, and barbeque.

Above the burners are built in stainless steel sear plates that prevent fire-ups that can accidentally burn the surface of your foods. A separate side burner is located outside of the smoker lid to provide another cooking location for the convenience of being able to cook not only a large amount of food, but also multiple temperature sensitive foods at the same time. The smoker lid on this grill is built with double walled stainless steel for durability, but also designed with "lift ease" technology so that opening and closing the lid is smooth and easy. The lid is opened with a cool to the touch tubular handle and a built in temperature gauge lets you easily read the temperature inside of your grill. Other unique user friendly features include a built in ice box that has a lid that doubles as a cutting board, a condiment tray that lets you easily keep your spices and condiments, and glowing temperature control knobs that make this grill easy to use even in the dark. This grill is powerful, large, built in strong and modern stainless steel and littered with user friendly features that will completely change the way you think about grilling.

  • iGlow Backlit Control Knobs:

    The temperature controls are built with Napoleon iGlow technology that makes grilling easy and enjoyable even in the dark

  • Range Side Burner:

    A robust side burner is built in to give you a second cooking location for more grilling area, and to allow you to cook multiple temperature sensitive foods at the same time

  • Infrared Bottom and Rear Burners:

    Napoleons infrared burners are designed to quickly lock in flavor, helping you create mouthwatering steaks, and barbeque