Mirage Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burner

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Napoleon Mirage Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burner

Change the way you approach outdoor grilling with the Napoleon Mirage Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burner (M730RSBIPSS-1, M730RSBINSS-1). This enormous grill gives you a massive 1095 sq. in. cooking area, and has seven (7) different burners for you to be able to complete even the biggest grilling challenges. Equipped with a Napoleon bottom and rear infrared burners, you can be sure that you and your grill will produce mouth watering food with all of the flavor and juices locked in. A powerful 11,000 BTU range side burner gives you the option of a second cooking location for the ability to cook multiple temperature sensitive foods at one time. The large capacity grill lid also doubles as a smoker to further enhance the flavor of your foods. The burners are also built with innovative stainless steel seer plates that vaporize drips, putting your flavor right back into your food, and minimizing flare ups that can burn the surface of your food.

Outside of the burners, this grill is packed with user friendly features that will make your grilling life much easier. Wrap around condiment trays allow you to store all of your condiments and spices, keeping them organized, clean, and just a reach away. These trays also have hooks to hang your grilling utensils so you wont have any trouble finding them when you come back to grill another time. On the side opposite of your side range burner is an integrated ice box that has a lid that doubles as a cutting board, so you can cook, cut, and prepare your food all in one convenient and easy location. The temperature knobs on the grill are not only easy to read and adjust, but also come with Napoleon i-GLOW technology that makes setting your temperature levels easy even in the dark. Underneath the grill is a massive storage area that includes two (2) pull out drawers, and two (2) cabinet doors, making storage of all of your grilling accessories easier than ever. This feature packed grill is durable, functional, and will help you grill foods that will impress all of your friends and family

  • Convenient Storage:

    A wrap around condiment tray with hooks for grill utensils, combined with a large bottom cabinet, makes storing and organizing your grill accessories and spices easier than ever

  • Backlit iGLOW Control Knobs:

    Control knobs utilizing Napoleons iGLOW technology allow you to confidently cook even in the dark

  • Temperature Gauge:

    A built in temperature gauge allows you to have quick and precise readings of the temperature inside your grill