Aller Air AirMedic+ Exec UV Air Purifier

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Aller Air AirMedic+ Exec Air Purifier with UV Lamp - AIRMEDIC+EXECUV

The AirMedic+ Exec UV Air Purifier (AIRMEDIC+EXECUV) is Aller Air's most efficient unit for filtering out airborne particles. It features an 18 lb. 2" depth carbon filter, a medical-grade HEPA filter, and a pre-filter. A variable-speed motorized impeller adds convenience and infinite adjustability, differentiating it from the AirMedic series of purifiers which use a 3-speed motor with a blower wheel. For additional protection from living pathogens, a UV lamp kills airborne microorganisms.

Aller Air models are ideal for those who:

  • Have odors or sensitivity to compounds released from a new home, new furniture, or new carpeting
  • Smoke or live with heavy smokers
  • Need to sterilize, kill and disinfect most germs, bacteria, microbes and viruses
  • Want features commonly ordered for use in hostile or toxic air environments such as medical facilities or government military buildings in order to reduce potent airborne contaminants.