P3 International

Deer Chaser™ Motion Detector

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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P3 International Deer Chaser™ Motion Detector

Protect your home and garden from unwanted deer, animals and other intruders with the P3 International Deer Chaser™ Motion Detector (P3-P7840). Easily mounted on any tree, wall or fence, this security device features a passive infrared sensor with a wide 110° coverage zone. The sensor detects motion up to 25 feet ahead, however the sensitivity and coverage area can be adjusted as needed. When activated, the unit's bright LED lamps flood the protected area and the loudspeaker projects the selected radio station or other frequency (optional).

Though developed for deer and other wild animals, this multi-functional motion detector also works great as an intruder alert system for garages, sheds and the back yard. All features including the sensitivity, coverage area, radio frequency, volume and alert duration can be precisely adjusted depending on the situation in which it will be used. The entire unit is water resistant and weatherproof and runs on three regular D cell batteries (not included).

  • Adjustable Features:

    Each feature can be manually adjusted as desired. Adjust the duration of alert signal anywhere from 15 seconds to 7 minutes, the sensitivity and coverage area (up to 110°), and the FM radio station and volume (can be turned all the way down if audio is not desired)

  • Coverage Zone:

    The unit's infrared sensor creates a triangular coverage area from the front point (110° angle) extending up to 25 feet ahead; this zone (including the angle) can be adjusted to be as wide or as narrow as needed

  • Durable Construction:

    Built for outdoor use, this unit is waterproof, weather resistant and designed to withstand the harshest elements