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Dr. Frog™ Moisture Meter

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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P3 International Dr. Frog™ Electronic Moisture Meter

Be sure your potted plants are getting enough water with the Dr. Frog&trade Moisture Meter (P3-P8220). This simple device constantly evaluates the moisture level in your plants' soil, alerting you when more water is needed. Simply push the probes firmly down into the soil and Dr. Frog&trade will chirp and croak until your plant gets the water it needs.

To ensure Dr. Frog&trade doesn't disturb you during the night, the unit is equipped with a light sensor making it inactive when not exposed to light. The device operates using two G10 batteries (included). Keep your plants alive and healthy with the help of Dr. Frog&trade!

Note: Remove Dr. Frog&trade while watering plant, re-insert after watering. Avoid immersing the entire unit in water.

  • Monitors Moisture:

    Since it is constantly monitoring the moisture, Dr. Fog&trade alerts you by croaking at the first sign of dry soil

  • Inactive During the Night:

    Equipped with a built-in light sensor, the unit is only active when exposed to light