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Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier

Eliminate uncomfortable dryness while soothing sensitive, unpleasant sinus infections, with the Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier (E-001, E-002). Your house is supposed to be comfortable, year round, which is why Eva utilizes ultrasonic technology to supply up to 3.5 gallons of ultra-fine mist per day. With your choice of five separate output levels, ranging from 30 to 75% relative humidity, this unit’s hygrostat will actively monitor your environment and adjust its output according to your preferences. Complete with Adaptive Humidity™ technology, automatic operation and an external humidity sensor, the Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier will ensure your home always feels healthy and inviting.

  • Water Pre-Heating:

    This advanced humidifying unit offers a water pre-heating function to increase its humidification output, emitting a warm mist with a selectable humidity range from 30% to 75%

  • Near-Silent Operation:

    Whether it’s in the bedroom, guest room or nursery, the E-00X offers an extremely quiet sleep function that’s energy efficient—ideal for use at night

  • Versatile Operation:

    With five independent output levels, an external humidity sensor and 4.6-foot vertical reach, the E-00X will humidify your space to precise conditions

  • Adaptive Humidity™ Technology:

    The Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier will automatically adjust its set humidification output (while in auto mode) in order to maintain your desired humidity level

  • Anticalc Cartridge:

    The E-00X features an anticalc cartridge to reduce the amount of limescale in the water and the emission of limescale particles into the surrounding environment

  • Fragrance Dispenser:

    Take advantage of the built-in fragrance dispenser to distribute your favorite scent throughout any room! The holding container is easy to remove and only requires 1-2 drops of fragrance to enjoy