1.42 Cu. Ft. Medical Vaccine Freezer

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Summit 1.42 Cu. Ft. Medical Vaccine Freezer - White

Ensure that your vaccines and medical supplies are safe with the high-tech Summit 1.42 Cu. Ft. Medical Vaccine Freezer (FS22LMEDSC). Capable of storing items at temperatures as low as -20 degrees C, you can be sure that this compact freezer will keep your supplies cold and ready for use. The built-in security lock adds extra convenience and safety and keeps your supplies secure from theft, and the hospital grade cord removes the risk of accidental power-down from tripping over the cord. Because of it's size, you can easily store the freezer on a countertop or any small space in the room.

The high temperature warning alarm notifies you when temperatures are about to reach unsafe levels, and the front display also shows you the current high and low temperatures for accuracy and monitoring. With a removable wire shelf included, this unit can store small or large things with relative ease, and the manual defrost ensures a stable temperature throughout the unit. With all of these features, including a self-closing door for busy, high-traffic areas, this medical freezer is perfect for laboratories, medical facilities, or doctor's offices that needs storage spaces for vaccines or other sensitive medicines and equipment.

  • Display Thermostat:

    The built-in display shows the current high and low temperatures of the freezer

  • High Temperature Alarm:

    An alarm alerts you when temperatures are reaching an unsafe level for stored medications and vaccines

  • Storage Temperature:

    Temperatures as low as -20 degrees C allow for safe storage of vaccines and medicines