Top Chef

Santoku & Paring Knife Set

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Top Chef Santoku & Paring Knife Set - Stainless Steel

Prepare your food just like the pros on your favorite TV show with the Top Chef Santoku & Paring Knife Set (80-TC02). This knife set features knives equaling the caliber of those used in the hit Bravo reality cooking show Top Chef, and the stainless steel construction of each knife is unparalleled. Each blade comes with a precision sharpened cutting edge that ensures the food is cut perfectly every time, and the stainless steel construction will allow each blade to last a lifetime.

The built-in hollow ground prevents your foods from sticking to your knives during the cutting process, while the full steel handle ensures that you can use a tight grip on the handle. The non-slip surface, made from seamless bonded bolsters, ensures an ergonomic grip for ease of use. A laser-etched Top Chef logo allows your family and friends to see the quality of knife that you have, so you can show off your kitchen utensils with ease. Ideal for any kitchen, this knife set is perfect for cutting preparing, and making any type of food.

  • Top Chef Logo:

    The laser-etched Top Chef logo is embossed on each blade to tout the high quality construction of each knife

  • Stainless Steel:

    Made of a stainless steel construction, the knives are durable and will last a lifetime

  • Hollow Ground:

    A built-in hollow grounding ensures that the food being cut will not stick to your blade, making it easier to slice and prepare foods