Trademark Global

14" Rack'em 8 Ball Neon Wall Clock

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Trademark Global 14" Rack'em 8 Ball Neon Wall Clock - Black

Contemporary and chic, the Rack'em 8 Ball 14-inch Neon Wall Clock (RAC1400) is an excellent addition to any setting if you want a trendy appearance. It features a simple design that is highlighted with modern styling, making it perfect for modern settings. The clock is especially perfect for a game room as it includes a Rack'em 8 ball design.

Accented by an outer yellow neon ring, the clock includes a 110 volt power supply to illuminate the neon lights. The center of the face is decorated with a full color 8 ball logo, which makes the clock ideal for recreational settings and even bars. The design also features polished chrome molded resin housing, for an elegant touch.

  • Modern styling:

    It includes a simple design with modern styling that makes it perfect for contemporary settings

  • 110 volt power supply:

    A 110 volt power supply helps illuminate the neon lights of the outer ring

  • Elegant touch:

    Polished chrome molded resin housing add an elegant touch to the overall design


  • Model: RAC1400
    Yellow neon ring on outer edge
  • Brand: Trademark Global
    Ships in 1 Carton