H Series 36" Vent Hood

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Windster H Series 36" Wall Mounted Vent Hood - Brushed Stainless Steel

With a design all its own, this H Series 36" Vent Hood (H36SS) combines style, steel and its standard features to create a modern, multifunctional centerpiece in any kitchen. Instead of a bulky chimney-style body, a tempered glass canopy rests across the vertical duct, giving the H Series a look unlike any other model. The control panel consists of just five silver buttons centered on the unit's front trim, allowing you to choose from three different fan speeds and a halogen lighting option.

H Series vent hoods are engineered to quickly funnel smoke and fumes into the unit and out of the air. Wider at the bottom and angled upward, its canopy-style shape allows the vent hood to catch smoke and fumes right as it rises off of the cooktop, pulling them up and filtering them through its aluminum filter. When the filter becomes dirty, simply remove it from the vent hood, wash it in the dishwasher and replace

This model is to be installed on the kitchen wall directly above your stovetop cooking surface. As a general rule, vent hoods should usually be large enough to encompass the perimeter of the cooking surface it is paired with. Assembly and installation required.

  • Simple Control Buttons:

    The control panel features five buttons: power, lights and three fan speeds; choose the fan speed by selecting the button with either one dot, two dots or three dots (representing low, mid and high speeds, respectively)

  • LED Lights:

    Located underneath the front trim on either side is a bright, LED light that illuminates the stovetop while cooking

  • Professional Design:

    This model boast a seamlessly welded body with no sharp edges, a brushed stainless steel finish and unique tempered glass canopy

  • Washable Filter:

    The high-density aluminum filter is removable and dishwasher-safe, allowing for quick and easy maintenance when needed

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