RA-14L Series 30" Vent Hood

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Windster RA-14L Series 30" Wall Mounted Vent Hood - Brushed Stainless Steel

The Windster RA-14L Series represents the most advanced line of vent hoods meant for standard residential use; the highest quality possible before crossing over to professional grade units. This 30" model (RA-14L30SS) is equipped with the best features from both the professional and standard residential models including three fan speed options, LED cooking lights, a blue LED display screen, delayed shut-off function and dishwasher-safe aluminum filters. Such an array of advanced features certainly qualify this model as a high end unit, but the removable, washable filters offer a touch of simplicity, making this unit actually very low maintenance and easy to handle.

RA-14L Series vent hoods are engineered to quickly funnel smoke and fumes into the unit and out of the air. The classic chimney design is wider at the bottom and narrow at the top, forming a reverse funnel-like shape that naturally traps and directs smoke upward.

This model is to be installed on the kitchen wall directly above your stovetop cooking surface. As a general rule, vent hoods should usually be large enough to encompass the perimeter of the cooking surface it is paired with. Assembly and installation required.

  • Simple Control Buttons:

    The control panel features three buttons: power, lights and fan speed. Adjust the speed level by repeatedly pushing the fan button; levels will increase with each additional push (low speed indicated by "3", highest speed indicated by "1")

  • LED Display:

    Located next to the control buttons, a blue-lighted LED display screen indicates the fan speed while the unit is on, and delay shut-off when the unit is powering down (push power button once for delayed shut-off, twice for immediate shut-off)

  • Professional Design:

    This model boast a seamlessly welded body with no sharp edges and a beautiful brushed stainless steel finish

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