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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #3: Alexandra O.

Welcome to Alexandra O.'s entry in Living Direct's Summer Cool Down Giveaway! Follow the steps and leave a comment to vote for Alexandra.

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Name: Alexandra O.
State: Colorado

As a big prego lady this Summer Cool Down Giveaway would be awesome to win. My baby is due at the end of August - I am supposed to live in a pretty mild and dry climate however this year the world around me is literally on fire. Currently there are 12 wildfires burning, three of which surround my small Colorado town. The heat is unbearable and unlike when I lived in the south very few buildings have central air. Needless to say I'm surprised that my skin has not melted off!

Looking at the list of fantastic prizes I would love to make myself sweet treats with the awesome counter top snow cone maker. What a wonderful way to cool off and stay hydrated! This item would be used daily! Right now I am a fiend for Otter - pops but it would be a ton of fun to cool off with a different treat! The cooler would come in handy as well. Often times I take cold water with me when I run errands but by the time I come out to the car after my first one my water is luke warm if not hot. I would love to keep my water cool using this neat product.

This being said (typed) the item that excites me the most is the portable air conditioner. Oh to sleep in a cool room! What a dream - I have a little heater inside me and the air around my is dry and hot - the air conditioner would be a dream come true! If I close my eyes and imagine hard enough I can already feel the cool air blowing on my skin. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to cool off this summer! Fingers crossed!

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