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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #1: Beverly K.

Welcome to Beverly K.'s entry in Living Direct's Summer Cool Down Giveaway! Follow the steps and leave a comment to vote for Beverly.

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Name: Beverly K.
State: Michigan

We have no air conditioning, so a portable air conditioner would be wonderful! My 78-year-old sister really suffers from the heat, so I'm sure she would claim it in a heartbeat.

The ice maker would be put to use immediately, since we have an old-fashioned refrigerator with no ice-maker. Those cold drinks in the summer are so welcome. Our guests will appreciate it, too, since we rarely have ice available for their drinks.

As for the snow-cone maker, how else do you think we old ladies can coerce our nieces and nephews to come visit us? I'm sure they would love to use it, though we "oldsters" would probably have some as well.

The really nice part would be sharing the bounty at family affairs, using our nice new cooler. With all that lovely ice from the ice maker! We're always trying to find ways to entice the young people to attend the family gathering, and this sounds like a major plus.

This is such a nice contest for this time of the year. Keep up the good work!

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