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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #2: Danielle P.

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Name: Danielle P.
State: Maine

Our kitchen has casement windows (those small windows that crank out) and in the living room we have a glass sliding door to the patio that provides a lot of natural lighting. Natural lighting is great because it saves on electricity; but, in the summer months we have to keep the windows and curtains closed otherwise it's hotter inside than it is out. A Koldfront Portable Air Conditioner would work wonders for us. We could put it in the kitchen window and it would cool most or all of our apartment!

My daughter loves those icy drinks you can buy at the local convenience store but they're so full of sugar and who know's what else. With the Little Snowie Snowcone Maker I could make healthier, less expensive alternatives right at home! My family loves snow-cones, so of course we would enjoy this year-round! Besides, who wouldn't enjoy a snow cone in December?

No more buying over-priced bags of ice at the store or gas station when packing for family outings and holiday get-togethers! I could pack my Wagan Travel Cooler with ice made by my Koldfront Portable Ice Maker and off we'd go! Hurray! Life could be so much easier-- or at least more fun and less stressful ;)

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