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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #6: Debbie N.

Welcome to Debbie N.'s entry in Living Direct's Summer Cool Down Giveaway! Follow the steps and leave a comment to vote for Debbie.

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Name: Debbie N.
State: Washington

Today’s blog post discussion will be a Q & A session on beating the summer heat. Questions will be posed to a random person, myself of course, on the possibility of winning the 2012 Summer Cool Down Giveaway by Living Direct. This prize package would allow me to restore my family life while cooling off the summer heat.

Q: Ms. Random person, what would it mean to win the prize pack containing a Koldfront portable air conditioner, a Koldfront portable ice maker, a Little Snowie snow cone maker, and a Wagan travel cooler?
A: My life of summer heat would change in an arctic instant (that's quicker than a New York minute!). My family would actually spend more time at home. I’ve actually caught my husband and 2 children lounging in the patio furniture section at our local store eating ice cream and enjoying the cool air (oh my).

Q: Ms. Random person, why do you deserve to win this awesome prize package?
A: As the summer heat beats down inside of my home, winning this prize pack will help me achieve a summer cool down that will bring my family home. Our A/C system cannot keep up with intense heat, nor can it provide refreshing snow cones. No more excuses of everyone needing to be somewhere else.

Q: Ms. Random person, what would you do with this “cool” prize pack?
A: I would gather my family around our dining room for family “cool down time”. We would play board games while enjoying the cool air from the Koldfront portable air conditioner and indulge in homemade snow cones made from the Koldfront portable ice maker and the Little Snowie snow cone maker. Car trips would also be more refreshing with the Wagan travel cooler. WELCOME HOME FAMILY, MOM HAS BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT! thanks to Living Direct and Koldfront!

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