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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #9: Judy W.

Welcome to Judy W.'s entry in Living Direct's Summer Cool Down Giveaway! Follow the steps and leave a comment to vote for Judy.

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Name: Judy W.
State: Indiana

We live in the hot, humid Ohio Valley, and the past year has had above (WELL above) normal temps. Our daughter, who's in college, has no air conditioning in her living unit, so the portable a/c would be such a blessing for her. We're hoping that more comfortable conditions will translate to more efficient studying, which will lead to better grades, which will lead to a great job, which translates to taking good care of her (one day) aging parents. :-)

The ice maker would also be awesome. Our home seems to be the landing base for lots of gatherings. Our kids' friends gather here, our relatives' reunions are often here, and we have lots of drop in guests. We LOVE to entertain! However, our little fridge ice maker can't keep up, so we make lots of trips to the grocery for bagged ice throughout the summer -- and occasionally year round, so an ice maker would be another blessing!

The Wagan cooler & the snow cone maker would just be fun!! The cooler would let us take our fun on the road. Our extended family is spread far & wide (hence the reunions at our place), so we often road trip to visit them. This cooler would be great -- no more sloshy melted ice all over!! And who doesn't love a snow cone? I think that's one of those treats you never outgrow. Our daughter gives swim lessons in our backyard pool, and often gives a popsicle treat at the end of the sessions. She'd be the most popular swim instructor in town if she could give her students snow cones at the end!

So, in summary, this prize package would allow us to retire without worries (thanks to our well-educated daughter who was able to concentrate on her studies thanks to a cooler environment with the a/c), be the party house, where our friends enjoy an endless supply of cold drinks (thanks to our ice maker) and snow cones (I am already thinking of really awesome flavors to try...margarita snow cone, anyone?). And you never know where we'll show up to visit, thanks to our convenient travel cooler! Can't wait to get started on our "cool" new life!!

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