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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #5: Nancy P.

Welcome to Nancy P.'s entry in Living Direct's Summer Cool Down Giveaway! Follow the steps and leave a comment to vote for Nancy.

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Name: Nancy P.
State: Arizona

I live in Arizona and its so hot here. I'd love to use the portable air conditioner for my son and baby's room. My house does not distribute the air evenly and unfortunately my 4 year old and newborn have the hottest rooms in the house. I can use the air conditioner to keep their rooms cool and not drain the household air conditioner by putting it really low to get their rooms comfortable.

I'd love to use the snow cone maker to have a fun cool down party with my 4 year old, his cousins, and his friends. I could invite them all over for a fun get together to play and keep cool. I know that snow cones would make a great treat for them. I think this would be a great way for the kids to get together, enjoy getting cool here in hot Arizona.

The travel cooler would be great for my husband during work. He travels from different stores to work on their computers and registers. He is in and out of his hot car all day long. He could use the cooler to keep some cold drinks and food. This would be great for him and we could also use it when we go on trips out of town or even to the park for picnics.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enter and win these great prizes. They all look so great and I'd love to cool off here in hot Arizona with some great "cool down" prizes!

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