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Summer Cool Down Giveaway: Raymond A.

Unfortunately, there was an error and Raymond is not eligible to win the prizes. Our rules state that Florida residents aren't eligible, but we accidentally overlooked it. Our apologies. This was entirely a mistake on Living Direct's part.

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Name: Raymond A.
State: Florida

Here in central Florida, especially in the hot summer months, we have frequent storms and power outages where we sometimes depend on emergency generators for power. Unfortunately, most emergency generators are unable to power typical air conditioning systems and, unless portable air conditioning is available, we have to endure the heat until utility power is restored.

During the day, I work outdoors on a construction crew where cold water is much appreciated all throughout the day. In this tropical heat, a cone maker will likely be a much more appreciated boost to crew morale and help prevent heat stroke.

At various jobsites, we sometimes have a mobile 16-foot office/tool trailer with a small refrigerator. On hot summer days, a portable air conditioner can be well used to keep the interior temperature bearable, and a cone maker could certainly provide a refreshing treat against overheating in the stifling tropical heat.

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