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Summer Cool Down Giveaway Finalist #8: Warren M.

Welcome to Warren M.'s entry in Living Direct's Summer Cool Down Giveaway! Follow the steps and leave a comment to vote for Warren.

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Name: Warren M.
State: Maryland

Today’s blog post discussion will be on the topic of beating the summer heat. If I won the awesome prize pack in the “2012 Summer Cool Down Giveaway” from Living Direct, the summer heat would be a distant memory. Winning these prizes would cool down my family as well as helping me become the “cool” dad once again in the eyes of my children. Ever since our A/C system started acting up, my designation as “cool” dad has been dwindling out of control.

I can imagine myself relaxing in a recliner while a Koldfront portable air conditioner blows cool air across my disappearing hairline. My 4 year old son, Ricky, would be in charge of the Koldfront portable ice maker; while my 11 year old daughter, Melissa, would be in charge of the Little Snowie snow cone maker (she would have so much fun!). As a family, we would all crowd into my recliner and knock back the summer heat with cool air and homemade snow cones.

Thanks to Living Direct and this prize pack, I will regain my level of “cool” in the eyes of my children. Although, once word gets out that “cool” dad has beat the summer heat, I’m sure all the neighborhood kids will be lining up to get a spot in my recliner of “cool” and snow-cones! That’s when we take a road trip with our new Wagan travel cooler; less stops equal more family time and enjoyment. It will be tough living up to the title of neighborhood “cool” dad, but I will honor my role and live up to “cool” expectations.

Thanks Living Direct and Koldfront!

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