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Deep within the rolling western countryside of Austin, Texas, Avallon finds and sources high-quality parts that come together to create high-quality appliances. The company—which boasts over 50 years of combined appliance development experience—works hard to manufacture and deliver a variety of world-class home fixtures. Their catalog of affordable and convenient appliances includes wine coolers, beverage coolers, portable air conditioners, and outdoor refrigerators.

Designed to accommodate a variety of consumer needs, Avallon’s wine coolers are first in class. The company offers both single and dual zone models that are sized to accommodate various wine collections, with bottle capacities from 23 to 151 bottles. Adjustable temperature settings make the machines perfect for different types of wines and bottles. Equipped with stylish accoutrements—such as trimmed doors and double-paned glass enclosures—they’re sure to make any wine collections look fantastic. Both budding and established wine enthusiasts are sure to find an Avallon wine cooler that’s perfectly suited to their tastes and needs.

Avallon doesn’t just focus on wine. Its thoughtful designers and engineers recognize the need for a perfectly cooled beverage of any kind, which is why they put the same careful planning and design into a line of beverage coolers as well. These delightful appliances—which are also designed for built-in or standalone installation, just like their wine brethren—feature the same attractive stainless steel accents and glass doors. Perfect for undercounter installations, these coolers boast slims widths down to 15 inches for smaller spaces such as home bars or dens, where they’ll chill a number of cans and beverages to the perfect temperature.

If you’re looking for something with a little more sustenance, look no further than Avallon’s outdoor refrigerators. Engineered with the same high-quality parts and designs as their wine and beverage coolers, these refrigerators feature a little more oomph for food in a variety of configurations. Perfect for an outdoor kitchen, bar, or garage, these refrigerators are fully encased in stainless steel that’ll withstand even the toughest of outdoor elements. Their single zone spaces—in 3.3 or 5.5 cubic feet—can reach all the way down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and offer adjustable glass shelves and ample door storage for platters, containers, bottles, cartons, and more.

Of course, food and drinks aren’t the only things that need to be cooled around the house. Sometimes hot summer months demand a little more respite than just a cool drink or an outdoor barbecue. Recognizing the fact that not all homes or apartments feature centralized air systems, Avallon also manufactures portable air conditioners. Available in 12,000 and 14,000 BTU models, these ingenious appliances provide respite from warm temperatures with temporary ports that can be installed easily into any standard window. Once installed, they’ll cool down rooms, help out on humidity, and—in the case of the 14,000 BTU unit—even have the option of an included heater.

Avallon understands that most general use appliances won’t always satisfy a general audience. That’s why its devoted designers and engineers work to create dedicated, customer-first appliances that will always fulfill their needs. Whether you need to cool a room, beverage, steak, or bottle of wine, Avallon will simplify your life with the right appliance that will work perfectly with your home and needs.