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Bosch: International Engineering Excellence

An international force in engineering, Bosch has been manufacturing amazing appliances since 1886. It all begins back then with Robert Bosch. A devotee of precision electrical engineering, Bosch created his own workshop with a simple belief: that honest workmanship was better than temporary gain. Now, more than a century later, his beliefs still stand as the foundation of a global giant that has gone through rapid expansion and multiple changes throughout the years.

It was in 1920 that the corporation—strong with over 10,000 employees—transitioned into the home appliance space. Before that, Bosch was known as a motor vehicle and industrial technology company, but soon, it became a first name in creating home appliances that would normally only been found in commercial plants or extremely large and wealthy households. Then, in 1933, Germany was introduced to Bosch’s first home appliance: a smell electric refrigerator. It only had a capacity of 60 liters, but it could store groceries freshly and safely in the comfort of the consumer’s own home. 20 years later, Bosch improved upon the refrigerator with a design that would grow to become a classic. Streamlined and easy to look at, these refrigerators offered ample space in addition to a large freezer compartment, making it perfectly flexible for the busy, every-day life of the average consumer. This paved the way for consumer-focused appliances. Over the next few decades, Bosch would see home kitchens outfitted with incredible new utility: machines that stirred, chopped, grated—not too different from modern mixers. Bosch grew and grew into the industry pillar it is today, working more and more toward assisting the busy homeowner and cook save time, money, and energy.

Bosch today is a massive company that still creates, designs, and manufactures top-notch appliances for home consumers. Today, their signature look is an eye-catching blend of stainless steels and black glass, one that fits neatly into any kitchen’s style. Of course, Bosch doesn’t sacrifice any function for its timeless style—they go hand in hand together, working perfectly for the consumer.

Appliances Designed for Your Home, Not the Other Way Around

There’s perhaps no place that Bosch is better at sprucing up than a kitchen. Its refrigerators offer ample freezer and refrigerator space, with absolutely stunning exteriors. Stainless steel doors open up to reveal plenty of drawer and shelf space, with electronic controls that’ll ensure your groceries always stay as fresh as possible.

If it’s cooking power you’re after, check out Bosch’s fantastic ranges, cooktops, and ovens. These ranges come in gas, electric, and dual-fuel variations, making sure that you have plenty of options no matter your cooking style or preference. Their cavernous oven spaces make perfect places to prepare roasts, while their gas and electric stovetops offer ample space for pots and pans. Meanwhile, their wall ovens fit neatly into cut-out spaces, while their cooktops can be installed directly into countertops. Both offer plenty of cooking options in fuel types and offer styles such as European convection if you prefer.

No matter what sort of Bosch appliance you’re after—be it a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, or microwave—we’ve got what you’re after. Browse our collection of Bosch appliances today here at Living Direct, and find something stylish, functional, and perfect for you.