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Portable air conditioners come with installation instructions and kits for installation into windows. Here are a few tips for what a standard installation might entail. Of course, you should follow the installation instructions that come with your portable air conditioner.


This is one of the main advantages of portable air conditioners- they can be installed in many places that other air conditioners cannot. However, the easiest installation is into a standard sliding window. Due to the design of the venting kit, it is equally easy to install one of these units into a standard double-hung window or a side-to-side slider window

Some sample window installations for the Danby portable air conditioners

  1. Position the portable air conditioner near the window
  2. Connect the exhaust hose to the rear of the air conditioner
  3. Connect the other end of the exhaust hose to the window venting kit
  4. Open your window. Place the window venting kit in the window, adjust its length, if necessary. Close the window on the venting kit
  5. Plug in the air conditioner and turn it on

That's all there is to a simple window installation!

A sample exhaust hose
A sample window vent kit

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