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Convection Oven Cooking

Convection ovens all have a fan built inside the oven cavity, which circulates the heated air throughout the oven and around all of the food. What does this accomplish?

  • It heats the inside evenly throughout, from level to level, back to front
  • It speeds up the cooking process by forcing the heat around the food constantly
  • It creates heat around the food, which prevents flavor transfer

Convection ovens are highly versatile units. They're ideal for cooking, warming, roasting, re-thermalizing and baking. Whether you're roasting a turkey or baking croissants, convection ovens cook evenly and thoroughly. Convection ovens are available in gas or electric and in various configurations, including full-size, half-size, stackable, and as part of a traditional bake oven.

If you plan to do catering out of your home, convection is a must have. Trays of cookies and appetizers will cook evenly and quickly. In fact, you can load up the oven on every level and get great results. You can also cook different items such as fish and bread and not get a transfer of flavors from one to the other.

Overall, convection ovens can roast, brown, and crisp food like a conventional oven with temperatures ranging from 200 to 450 degrees, as well as cook food quickly with microwaves. It is possible to cook food with either the convection or microwave method separately or to combine them. A convection oven still gives the best results for most baking and broiling.

Why choose convection over conventional?

Convection Ovens operate at lower temperatures than standard conventional ovens and they cook faster, saving an operator both time and energy. In a convection oven, product that is placed with little space between pans will still cook evenly. Convection ovens offer the operator more flexibility to cook, bake, or steam inject.


How much faster does a convection oven cook? With a convection oven, you'll generally see about a 25 to 30% decrease in cooking temperature and a 20% decrease in cooking time when compared to a conventional oven.


Does a convection oven yield more? Convection cooking reduces food shrinkage and, in some cases, can result in an extra serving or two.


What can I cook in a convection oven? You can use a convection oven to bake and roast anything from meats to pizza, pastries, and crusty breads.


Can I bake delicate pies and pastries in a convection oven? No problem. When these ovens first came on the market, the moving air would create uneven meringues and custards. Today, with the "gentle bake" and diffused air circulation, uneven cooking is no longer a concern.


For added convenience, look for a convection oven that offers a door observation window and interior oven lights. Both features let you see what you're cooking - from raw to cooked - without ever having to open the oven door.

Some other great features that you may want to consider is a gentle bake cycle and/or adjustable power levels - both of which ensure food will be cooked at the proper temperature. A model with recessed controls helps to prevent the knobs on the oven from being bumped out of adjustment- either increasing or decreasing the set temperature. Styles that offer a cool down switch allow the blower to operate while the heat source is off and the oven door is open (a door interlock switch prevents the blower and heater from operating if the oven door is open). This feature makes for a quicker cool down when you want to resume cooking at lower temperatures or if you want to clean the oven.

To help keep your oven its hottest, look for high-density insulation located inside the oven walls and doors. With the addition of this feature, you can help to reduce, or eliminate heat loss by holding heat in the unit longer.

A cool to touch door handle is another great feature to think about - especially if small children will be in or around the kitchen.

Want to know when the oven is preheated? Look for a unit that has a heat cycle light to indicate when the oven has reached a preset temperature.

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