How much ice will a portable unit produce?
Portable ice makers will make and hold up to 2 ½ pounds of ice at one time. (For reference – a typical bag of ice from a convenience store is around 7 pounds) Simply open the top of the unit and fill the water reservoir with a gallon of water. Within 15 minutes or so you will see the first cubes of ice produced. It may take 60 to 90 minutes for the full batch of ice to be produced. The unit should make around 30 pounds of ice a day if you continuously empty the ice and refill the water.

What type of ice does it make?
The unit will produce a bullet shaped ice cube with a hole in the middle. The unit will produce three different sized cubes – small, medium and large. The large cube is very close in size to a standard cube from a typical home ice tray. The ice produced is not “clear ice.”

Does the unit require a drain?
No, once the ice is made it will melt over time as the holding basket is not a freezer. The water produced from the melting ice will flow back into the water reservoir so the unit may use it again to make more ice.

Can these portable icemakers produce crushed or flake style ice?
No, they will not. We suggest purchasing one of the electric or manual ice crushers offered on our website. The portable icemaker and ice crusher will provide you with a cost effective way to create crushed ice.

Will a portable ice maker accept a permanent water line?
No, you will need to manually add water to the unit.