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Front Loading Washing Machines

Thinking about a new washer? Here are a few reasons to consider going to a front-loading model:

  • Cost to operate: Front loaders are cheaper than top loaders to operate. They use less hot and cold water, less detergent, less electricity and spin clothes faster, which cuts drying time and cost.
  • Environmental impact: Because they use fewer resources, front loaders are easier on the environment and are particularly beneficial in communities where water is scarce and/or expensive.
  • Effect on clothing: There is no agitator rubbing on clothes in a front loader, which reduces wear and tear.
  • Drying time: Front loaders have faster spin speeds, 800 rpm to 1600 rpm versus 500 rpm to 600 rpm for top loaders. Therefore, more water is removed from clothes before they ever hit the dryer, which means shorter drying times.
  • Wash aid dispensing: Most front loaders have built-in dispensers for detergent, bleach and fabric softeners, giving you more flexibility in how you wash your clothes.
  • Stability: Because they spin on a horizontal axis rather than a vertical one, front loaders are more stable and more forgiving if your floors are not perfectly flat or level.
  • Drainage: Front loaders use less water and therefore discharge less water, which is better for septic systems and homes with slow drains.
  • Noise: Front loaders are quieter than top loaders, making first- and second-floor laundry rooms less intrusive when they are placed near bedrooms.
  • Cleaning ability: Front loaders tend to get clothes cleaner due to their tumbling action. Clothes are passed through soapy water more vigorously than in most top loaders. Many front loaders also have heating elements that boost water temperature for whiter whites.
  • Child friendly: Front loaders are easier to load and unload, which means younger children can help with laundry.
  • People with disabilities: Because the controls on front loaders are usually on the front of the machine, it is easier for people with certain disabilities to use them. People with bad backs might want to invest in a model with an optional raised base.
  • Hot water saver: If you often run out of hot water in your home, a front loader might help since it would use significantly less hot water than a typical top loader.
  • Installation options: Front loaders can be installed under countertops, giving you more flexibility in where you can put them.
  • Unbalanced loads: Front loaders are much more forgiving of unbalanced loads, making it possible to wash pillows, comforters and sleeping bags without worrying about your washer walking across the floor.

Note: These benefits may not apply to every brand and model of front loader. And, there are some new top loaders that have some of the same benefits as front loaders. We recommend you do some research on your own to see which machine is right for you. Consumer Reports magazine is an excellent resource to consult. They do extensive, unbiased testing on many different brands and models of washing machines.