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Danby Kegerator Conversion

Some of our customers have found that not all pony (1/4 barrel) kegs fit perfectly in their Danby DKC445BL and DKC445BLS Chill 'n Tap Kegerators. In order to allow the kegerators to fit some wider kegs, they have devised a quick adjustment.

Please note that this brief explanation is for your information only.

Please contact the manufacturer directly before altering your kegerator in a manner that may void the warranty.

One small adjustment is necessary to provide the necessary space for your 1/4 barrel kegs. All you need is a Philips screwdriver and about three minutes, to complete the adjustment.

Three easy steps:

  1. Remove the four Philips screws from the cold plate inside the refrigerator against the back.
  2. Once the four screws are removed, take the 1/2" rubber spaces from behind the cold plate where the screws held them.
  3. Just screw the four screws back into their original holes (without the spacers) and the job is complete.

Please follow all of the other manufacturer's directions.

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