This is an h2

There has to be an h2 at the top for the header to display

This is an h1

Big Header

This is an h3

Any Header adds a line break, so you do not have to use a BR tag

This is a b and you use it to make Whatever you want bold, without any spacing

This is in a p

p tags automatically add formating and spacing

As opposed to not having any formatting or spacing, Like this line.

This is an unordered list (ul) Lists need to go into p tags

  • Each separate line is preceeded by a list item(li) tag
  • Like so
  • and so

This is an ordered list (ol) which adds numbers; also needs to be in a p

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. And so on

Links will automatically format themselves Like so

For images, the 'source' of the image needs to be appended. For Example:
Manual Test