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Spring 2004 Wine Picks

An informal poll of the LivingDirect.Com office was taken and yielded a few wine recommendations. Here they are - We hope you will enjoy these wines as much as we do:

Laura says that Carmenet Sonoma Franc is her favorite wine of all time. She notes that it?s a sweet and smooth wine with a hint of chocolate and coffee flavors. She also likes Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon, about which she says, "well-structured cassis and mocha dusted; great with steak." She recommends Penfolds Chiraz, which she calls a bold wine with an oak and earthy undertone. It's her choice for a happy hour drink or with pasta. For a clean, bright and crisp wine, Laura recommends Santa Rita Chardonnay. She says it's great during summer months and it works well with seafood.

Jason suggests a few good picks under $10. He likes both Becker Fume Blanc and Bogle Merlot.

Charlie enjoys Liar's Dice from the Murphy-Goode Winery. He says it's a velvety smooth red zinfandel that rocks for about 19 bucks. He also likes the pinot noir from Duck Pond Cellars in Oregon, and he thinks the Yellowtail Chiraz is a good, inexpensive red.