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How to Find the Best Charcoal Grill For You

No summer is complete without a few sunset evenings in the yard with food sizzling on the grill. When choosing the best grill to entertain your guests during the summer people often look to experts in barbeque. Barbecue purists tend to prefer charcoal and wood burning grills as the ideal grill to use. Charcoal grills and wood burning grills are known to produce better flavor, have better temperature control and are often less expensive than gas burning grills.

Charcoal grills typically utilize charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal as fuel. A charcoal or wood burning grill often takes about 45 minutes to properly hear a grill. While this method is slightly costlier and more time intensive than methods such as gas grills most see the extra cost as a serious and worthwhile investment in flavor outcome. Most gas grills operate well in midrange temperatures for quickly roasted meats but charcoal grills have the unique ability to run continuously in very low or very high heat setting. Only a charcoal grill can properly smoke meat at a very low temperature for a long period of time. There is something undeniably and distinctly delicious about a juicy burger patty roasted over a natural wood charcoal flame.

Types of Wood Grills

Wood and charcoal grills range in price anywhere from under a hundred dollars for an entry level model to several thousand for the passionate grillers who demand the most out of their meats.

The Brazier

The Brazier charcoal grill is the most basic model. They are great for grilling anywhere because they are small and light. This grill consists of a charcoal pan which is supported off the ground with three or four tripod style legs. A wire cooking grid with a wooden handle, somewhat resembling a tennis racquet, is used to hold meat over the simmering coals. Heat is adjusted manually by raising and lowering the cooking grid over the coals in the style of roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the Brazier system. This is an excellent choice for amateur or beginning grillers, for those who only plan on operating their grill very infrequently or for those with small amounts of people to cook for.

The Kettle Grill

If you are ready to graduate into the next stage up, then The Kettle Grill is for you. If there is any grill that could fully encapsulate the beauty of a timeless American summer, The Kettle Grill is it.

The classic circular, kettle shape not only gives this wood grill its iconic appearance, it is also the key to the model’s success. The kettle shaped bottom allows for an even heat distribution, which circulates around the bottom of the pan while it cooks your food. The circular shape of the lid allows for a further distribution of smoke, which gives your food a deeper, more nuanced flavor. Because of it’s innate heating efficiency, kettle grills are ideal for foods which require quick cooking time such as hot dogs or steaks, rather than spending hour smoking meats at a low temperature.

Unlike the brazier, you are not required to hold the meat yourself over the coals, meaning you can arrange your meal to your liking, and step away to grab spices, hot buns or extra patties, letting your grill do the work for you until you return as needed.

Portable Grills

Many a portable grill has been greeted with a cheers and applause when pulled out in front of a hungry crowd. High-quality portable charcoal grills are distinctly versatile. Many can be easily broken down and wheeled around from campsite to tailgate, and others have an adjustable grilling gate that can be raised or lowered as needed. A portable grill can make an excellent addition as a primary grilling unit in any backyard, and can easily be packed away during the colder months when lowered temperatures make charcoal flames considerably more difficult to maintain. Many others choose a portable grill as a second, runner up model which can be transported to campsites and picnics easily, while relying on a higher end model for regular home use.

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