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Large Portable A/C Units Designed for Efficient Cooling of Commercial Spaces

If you are concerned about your company’s energy efficiency and impact on the environment, but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of your employees or safety of your machinery, consider investing in a commercial portable air conditioner. These units are designed to cool factories, server rooms, and warehouses. Large portable air conditioners are particularly effective and efficient for cooling large industrial spaces, and are designed with affordability in mind. These units are ideal for areas that can’t be cooled by more sophisticated cooling systems.

Commercial portable A/C units usually come in two different designs: water cooled or air cooled. These commercial units can be used in temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and are powerful enough to cool areas that aren’t cost effective to cool with a central unit. Ranging in power from 13,000 BTU units all the way up to 120,000 BTU units, portable A/C units are a valuable tool for cutting costs without sacrificing comfort or function of a commercial area.

Many commercial areas are in danger of overheating on a regular basis. Cooling these areas may be prove to be difficult, as sophisticated cooling systems are ineffective and expensive to install and run. Portable A/C units cool computer server rooms, factories, and warehouses for a fraction of the cost, ensuring that your commercial space is safe and protected from the damage caused by overheating.

One of the biggest benefits of using large portable air conditioners to cool a commercial space is the cost savings in the form of lower energy bills. With a portable A/C unit, spaces are kept cool for a fraction of the energy output and cost. This lowers business costs without sacrificing productivity. Another big benefit of using a portable A/C unit is the portability of the unit. These cooling units can be moved from one space to another with minimal effort, allowing you to cool areas that are in immediate danger of overheating.

Some portable units are multi-functional and can be used during the winter months to heat spaces that are difficult to keep warm. Units can be purchased with air coolers for summer, dehumidifiers for rainy springtime, fans for between seasons, and a heater for winter. With the purchase of one unit, you can ensure the climate is comfortable in your commercial space year round. Portable units are a valuable alternative to central A/C, particularly in spaces where a central unit is expensive and ineffective. In some bigger cities, it is difficult to install a central A/C unit, making commercial portable A/C units the only viable option for those who don’t want the look or hassle of a window unit. Many units come with a programmable timer, which makes it easy to turn your cooling unit on and off when you are away. Start and stop your unit even when you are away with the help of a timer.