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Convection Microwaves: Dual Functionality & Endless Cooking Options

Imagine being able to broil, bake, brown, and crisp a variety of delicious dishes in your microwave. If you like this idea, then convection microwave ovens are the ideal two-in-one appliances for your kitchen. They boast incredible versatility, offering both rapid cooking and convection technology while saving you energy, space, and time. Putting one in your kitchen opens up a whole new world of culinary possibilities. Living Direct offers a selection of models that are perfect for both your home and your budget.

Why You Should Consider A Convection Microwave

Convection microwaves do much more than quickly heat your food. While they provide the same basic functionality as standard units, the addition of convection technology gives you incredible cooking power within easy reach. Inside these products, the even distribution of heat around food along with the inclusion of multiple cooking racks is what makes baking, roasting, broiling, and other similar methods possible. This is perfect for cuisine that cannot normally be done in a microwave, such as meat, poultry, seafood, baked desserts, and casseroles.

Because of this appliance’s added functionality, one major benefit is the ability to multitask in your kitchen. With its advanced technology, you can use both it and your standard oven simultaneously to more rapidly prepare a meal. You can choose one appliance to cook a main dish, and the other to prepare your side dishes or desserts. Additionally, this is useful for cooking foods with different temperature requirements simultaneously. Regardless of whether you’re serving up a special meal for your family or entertaining a large group of guests, you’ll definitely find that this product makes your life much easier.

These appliances are also terrific for those with limited room in their kitchens. Since most versions are usually the same size as traditional models, you can typically install them into a variety of places. Some models are intended for over-the-range installation, affording you unparalleled cooking power just above your stove. Furthermore, over-the-range styles also feature an exhaust system with venting fans to take the place of a range hood. Other built-in styles can be mounted into existing cabinetry, allowing them to be placed alone or grouped with other appliances. Finally, a countertop model is a splendid solution for a kitchen that has no room for a standard oven.

These kinds of microwaves are also ideal if you’re keen on conserving energy in your home. They already require less power than a standard oven to prepare your dishes. Furthermore, their shortened cook time will also reduce your energy usage, potentially lowering your bill. These savings eventually allow your unit to pay for itself over time, making it a valuable investment.

Cleanup also becomes simpler with one of these items. Because the internal racks in these models are smaller, they are simpler to remove and clean than regular oven racks. Also, a smaller interior as well as a closer reach spares you the straining, stooping, and bending involved in cleaning a regular oven.

The advancement of microwave technologies has also benefited convection types of appliances, adding a host of options available to consumers. Basic, intermediate, and upscale products all offer the same conveniences of allowing you to reheat food and beverages, cook frozen products, and prepare popcorn as well as roast, bake, broil, brown, and crisp other dishes. Most models also commonly include clearly visible digital readouts, one-touch controls, multiple cook settings, and safety lock features.

Finally, the latest models are designed for aesthetic appeal, with a variety of looks to compliment any kitchen space. Futuristic exteriors with metallic finishes tend to work well with modern or minimalist décor, while neutral colored models will surely fit in with nearly any kitchen design.

Add a Convection Microwave to Your Kitchen

If you require more than conventional food prep capabilities from your quick cooking appliances, then convection microwave ovens are an excellent choice. Affording you multi-function convenience, they also offer reduced energy usage, faster cleanup, and the potential to save space in your kitchen. Make your life easier, and shop Living Direct to purchase a new convection microwave for your kitchen today.

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