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Cooktops: Powerful & Versatile Cooking Is Easier Than Ever

As you explore the different ways you can cook using your stove, you may be surprised by the number of different choices out there for cooktops. While there may have only been two options a few years ago—gas or electric—today’s cooktop market includes a vast variety of selections. Besides gas and electric cooktops, there are also induction and radiant stoves and hot plates.

The decision to go with a particular type of cooktop depends on your kitchen’s design, your personal preferences, and other factors that have to do with the features in your cooking area. Some avid cooks may choose to go with gas. People who don’t have access to a natural gas service may elect to purchase an electric cooktop. Those looking for a quick way to heat up meals may select an induction method, while some consumers prefer the look of a radiant stove. Finally, if space is limited, you may need to choose a hot plate to cover your cooking needs.

The Different Types of Cooktops (And How You Will Benefit From Each)


A gas cooktop is incredibly popular with many people who love the art of cooking. Those who enjoy creating personal dishes and have specific requirements for their recipes may want to go with a gas range. The benefits of choosing a gas cooktop are that the chef gets the ideal conditions for keeping ingredients at the right temperature. Gas can also be much more energy and cost efficient in certain situations.


Some homeowners, however, elect to go with an electric cooktop. Electric options use the power of an electric current to heat up ingredients. Families may prefer this type of range if they worry about the possible problems associated with leaking gas pipes or if gas isn’t available in their area.


A third type of cooktop is a surface that uses radiant heat. Radiant cooktops employ a glass surface with the heating element located underneath. Essentially, the cooking feature transfers the radiant heat to your pot or pan, making the ingredient you’re cooking begin to change temperature. Some homeowners prefer this type of cooktop due to its lack of an open flame, like a gas stove, or red hot coils from an electric model, which can be dangerous at times. Radiant cooktops can also be less expensive than some other models.


Another option for your kitchen is an induction cooktop. Induction uses electromagnetic energy that focuses the heat onto your cookware. The area around the cooking space does not get hot to the touch due to this unique way of cooking. Because of this fact, induction cooktops are extremely safe and can help prevent you and your family from getting burned by a hot stovetop. Once you’ve finished preparing your meal, the stove immediately cools down, allowing you to place your finished entrée on the stovetop without the dish getting burned.

Hot Plate

The last type of popular cooktop is the hot plate option. When you are in a situation where you want to cook something but don’t have access to a full-size range, a hot plate may be a good bet. Hot plates are great options for traveling, camping, tailgating, or other situations where you may need an extra burner. If you’re planning a large event or gathering, you can make your meal preparation go even faster with an additional hot plate alongside your main stove.

Select the Stovetop That You Prefer

As you consider the different choices in cooktops on the market, you need to select the one that fits your idea of top quality without sacrificing performance. Then, you can find the right type of cooktop that falls within your price range and look forward to your new appliance.

Once you’ve gotten your new cooktop installed, you can start bringing the family together again with the sharing of quiet dinners and lively weekend brunches. Your choice in stove can help make your kitchen even more of a central place for your family.