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Cryogenic Freezing: When You Need Long-Term Storage

Cryogenic tanks (or cryotanks) are used to store super-cold fuels, such as liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen to keep biological material frozen. You need to be very careful when storing crogen because accidental exposure to these chemicals even in normal conditions in a room could cause these materials to violently boil over. Proper storage of cryogenic material is of the utmost importance.

What Are Cryogenic Liquids?

In order to study biological materials in a cryogenic tank the materials need to be at or below negative 150 degrees Celsius. The temperature scale used to study these materials is the Kelvin scale. The liquefied gases that are studied in cryogenics are typically stored in double-walled Dewar flasks that contain a vacuum between the two walls in order to keep the liquid from absorbing heat from the exterior. James Dewar, who first liquefied hydrogen, is the one who invented these storage devices.

Equipment You Need For Cryogenic Freezing

We offer Dewar tanks, vapor transfer tanks, and all the required accessories for the use and study of cryogenic materials. Every product offered is made by American BioTech Supply, a reputable producer of equipment used in cryogenics. The following is a brief overview of the different kinds of products offered.

Dewar Containers

Dewar containers are used for the storage and dispensation of liquid nitrogen. They are able to keep the liquid gas within the chamber with minimal risk of evaporation. There are a range of different sized containers offered to fit the specific needs of any laboratory.

Rack Tanks

Rack tanks are actually more like containers for containers. They can store vials of cryogenic materials at a consistent temperature, and evaporation is kept at a minimum. Some can store hundreds of vials while others can store thousands of vials. They are all sturdily constructed with aluminum, and can be made to go to extremely low temperatures, some even as low as 185 degrees Celsius.

Vapor Shippers

Vapor shippers are specialized containers that are made for the transfer of cryogenic materials from one place to another. Unlike the other cryogenic tanks available in our line of products, these devices utilize a moisture-repelling absorbent material that makes it so that cryogens can be held for extended periods of time. There are containers of varying dimensions and neck widths, so whether you have a huge operation or simply want to properly store your liquid gases for personal use, you will be able to get the right size container.

Cryogenic Container Accessories

While the above types of containers are able to store materials, they are completely useless without the right accessories. That is why we offer everything you need for cryogenic operations.

Wireless data monitoring temperature loggers can safely check the temperatures of cryogenic materials. Single probe data loggers, on the other hand, are simplified devices that can accomplish the same level of certainty when it comes to temperature monitoring.

Suppose you want to even further minimize evaporation and have an added sense of security when you are storing cryogenic materials. We offer extra protective layers that can fit any size storage unit.

You cannot dispense liquids from these containers without pouring spouts. We offer pouring spouts that can fit onto any size of storage tank that we offer.

Sometimes you don’t want to pour out cryogens, but you want to simply transfer them from one container to another. In order to do this safely, you need a specialized stainless steel transfer hose. These come in dimensions that can fit any size tank.

Phase separators minimize vaporization and splashing, and are used in combination with rack tanks.

We are proud to offer all of the cryogenic supplies for a professional lab or for home use. As you browse our stock of products, you’ll see that you need no one else to supply the cryogenic lab equipment you need.