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Danby : The Leader in Refrigeration and Specialty Appliances

Since 1947, Danby has designed, built, and sold appliances for an easier and better everyday life. The family-owned business is proud to say so, and they should be: their family of versatile appliances bring high-quality and solid, attractive looks into any home. At Danby, design, price, and craftsmanship are the solid foundation of brilliant and inspired appliances. Even though the company started over 65 years ago in the heart of Montreal, it's expanded to several locations across America, and throughout it all, the company credo of quality consumer goods has remained at the top of the priority list. When you buy a Danby, you’re buying into a family: one with a history of quality, and the decades of experience to back it all up.

Danby excels in refrigeration. It’s their specialty: be it a classic refrigerator with freezer space, a compact unit for smaller homes or apartments, or a straight-up low-degree freezer for long-term ice-cream storage, you’ll find it. But their refrigeration expertise extends easily into specialty appliances. Danby’s beverage centers and wine coolers are second to none. And here at Living Direct, we specialize in finding the perfect fit for your refrigeration needs. Our selection of Danby coolers come in variable widths and can both cans and bottles so you always have plenty of beverages on hand for your family and guests.

If you prefer a carefully-chilled wine to a soda or beer, we also stock Danby’s space-saving and high-quality wine coolers. It doesn’t matter if you need to store 36, 75, or 129 bottles of wine at any given time—we’ve got the solution for you. Certain units even offer dual-spaces, with side-by-side storage that can store both wine and beers at different temperatures so you’ve always got a palate-pleaser on hand—no matter your or your guest’s preferences. Danby knows entertaining guests can often come with curveballs. But their cooling and refrigeration appliances stand ready so that you’re ready, too.

Of course, if you need a classic solution to fit into your home kitchen, Danby also offers a line of microwaves and classic refrigerators that’ll fix you right up. There’s nothing better than a quick meal after a long day at the office, and if you’ve got a small kitchen or an average-sized one, Danby’s line of attractive microwaves go from 0.7 cubic feet all the way up to 1.4. Plenty of space to defrost a frozen dinner, heat up last night’s leftovers, or even pop some popcorn for a family-friendly movie night. Let Danby handle the details.

Danby’s refrigerators are just as space-conscious as the rest of their appliances. Their micro- and mini-fridges are great for offices and dorm rooms, with apartment-sized units that come with extra freezer space for food storage. And if your spaces look better with black, stainless steel, or sheer white appliances, you’re bound to find an attractive solution here at Living Direct.

Shopping for appliances can be stressful. But that’s why we’re here to help at Living Direct. If Danby sounds like the brand for you, check out our selection of fridges, coolers, dehumidifiers, and more. With Danby, you won’t be disappointed.