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800 Series- 24 Inch Wide Energy Star Electric Dryer with Ventless Condensation Drying
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300 Series- 24 Inch Wide Electric Dryer with Ventless Condensation Drying
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500 Series- 24 Inch Wide Energy Star Electric Dryer with Ventless Condensation Drying
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Front-Loading Electric Dryer
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Full-Size Dryers: Compact, Powerful & Energy Efficient

There are a few essential appliances that every household should have. Families that have a washer and dryer of their own are able to do laundry with less hassle and expense. In fact, given the advances in energy efficient technology today’s dryers are more economical than they have ever been. If you have been hesitating over purchasing a washer or dryer it is time to take a closer look at the models currently available.

Today’s home dryer is compact, powerful, and energy efficient. It is capable of drying loads of laundry in less time than older models and is likely to cost less to operate per load. Using a dryer at home is safer than trusting a dryer at a pay-per-use laundry facility. The drying and washing machines at laundromats are not always well maintained and can damage clothing as a result. A dependable, energy efficient home dryer gives you peace of mind. You never have to take time out of your busy day to go to a public laundry facility ever again! Just imagine how much time you will save!

Contemporary dryers pack in more power per square inch. Whether you choose a compact, stackable, or full-size model you can be assured of a high performing appliance. A stackable or combo washer dryer is the ideal choice for small homes or apartments. Stackable units can be placed on top of a compatible washer to create a complete laundry station. These models are typically front loading. The door is positioned on the front of the dryer and clamps securely closed during operation. Some models have a clear portal door that allows the user to view the laundry being dried.

A condensing dryer is a special variety that is designed for use in homes that lack a standard exhaust vent. Older homes in particular often lack the ventilation ports that are a standard part of newer homes; this can make venting the hot air generated by a dryer a serious problem. A ventless condensing dryer is the perfect solution to this surprisingly common problem.

Full-size dryers are available with compatibility for gas or electric power sources. Some models are available in designer colors for a more distinctive laundry room. Air fluff options let users refresh clothing stored in closets while timer delay options allow for loads of freshly dried laundry completed on a schedule that suits you.

Washers and dryers are among some of the most important home appliances and certainly some of the most frequently used, so shop now to find your next new dryer.

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