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EdgeStar Products

For more than a decade, EdgeStar has focused on designing, creating, and manufacturing high-quality compact appliances with an eye toward thoughtful, consumer-first design. Combined with an eco-consciousness that aims for environmental and home-energy improvements, these designs result in an unparalleled appliance experience that emphasizes customer satisfaction from purchase, to installation, to use. EdgeStar’s high-quality product line is expansive. The company’s appliances are fast frontrunners in markets such as wine and beverage cooling, with their cooling expertise even extending into the tangential fields of medical refrigeration and freezing. Their refrigerators fit perfectly into small homes and apartments, and lay the groundwork for EdgeStar’s famous Kegerators: compact refrigerators equipped with beer taps that offer perfect pours in your own home.

And that’s not all. EdgeStar is devoted to cooling you down with portable and built-in ice-makers, portable air coolers, and portable dehumidifiers that all combat warm summer climates. The company’s appliances also find ways to help out around the house: their dishwashers, washer/dryers, and air purifiers are all designed to make life as easy as possible. And yet, even with this expansive coverage, quality never suffers. EdgeStar’s team knows that quality will always trump versatility, and even as the company creates appliances seemingly at odds, one thing always remains at the forefront: high-quality luxury for the discerning consumer.

Key standouts of EdgeStar’s family of products are its wine coolers. These space-conscious coolers come in sizes as narrow as 12 inches, yet still offer ample space to hold anywhere from 18 to 166 bottles of wine depending on model. Additionally, they come in single and dual zone options, letting you store red and white wines side by side at your own preferred temperature.

For those who prefer the crisp taste of a lager to that of an aged vino, EdgeStar’s range of Kegerators is a perfect match. These ingenious units bring the ability to pour and dispense fresh pints of beer directly into your own home. Instead of spending extra money at the bar or on bottles and cans, you can drink drafts from a perfectly-cooled keg of your own choice and at your own pace. Built-In, freestanding, and single, dual, or triple tap options also abound.

No matter the appliance, you’ll find that EdgeStar is finely-tuned towards compact design. Take their combination washers and dryers, for instance: compact units that save space by combining two functions into a single drum. Portable and easily storable, these washer/dryers don’t even require dedicated washer or dryer hookups—just access to a normal faucet, sink, and electrical outlet.

EdgeStar has a compact solution for the kitchen, too. Countertop dishwashers wash up to six place settings at a time and require no permanent installation. Just like their clothes-washing brethren, they need only a standard sink faucet, helping you save valuable time and space at the same time.

For further evidence of EdgeStar’s quality, look no further than its award-winning portable ice makers. Able to make anywhere from 28 to 48 pounds of day, these small machines emphasize high-quality parts that churn out high-quality ice. Great for offices or homes, these ice machines also have built-in siblings that can easily serve up even more ice for perfectly chilled drinks.

If you need something that can cool down more than just your drink, EdgeStar’s line of portable air conditioners stand ready to serve. EdgeStar recognizes that not all homes have central air systems or even the capability to install a cumbersome window air conditioner. EdgeStar’s powerful little coolers bypass the need for permanent installation via a window kit plate, which fits directly into a window and exhausts directly outside. The small appliances move easily from room to room, are rated from 8,000 to 14,000 BTUs, and can even double as humidifiers or as heaters, depending on model.

No matter your need, EdgeStar has you covered. The incredibly versatile appliance company has put its expertise to fulfilling your needs in any area of life. If your concern is humidity, air quality, or even the hassle of transporting frozen goods, you’ll find a high-quality solution that’s tested, approved, and sure to please.