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VersaMist 18" Misting Fan
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Residental Fans: Stay Cool & Catch A Breeze Inside Your Home

Summer months can be uncomfortably hot if you haven’t taken the steps necessary to keep your residence cool. If you do not have the luxury of central air conditioning when the days are hot you should look into getting a cooling fan to help keep you cool. This equipment can circulate air properly in your home, increasing comfort with evenly distributed temperatures and moisture levels throughout a room or your house.

Cool Your Room Without Central Air

A cooling fan can be used to create a cross-breeze in your home or to create a draft in still air. Should allergies or outside conditions prevent you from opening windows or doors, these units should also be helpful in circulating air that would become stale otherwise.

You should shop for a cooling fan based on the size of a room. The bigger the room, the more power your fan needs to have. There are several cooling fans that will help keep your space cool, including a floor fan, shelf fan and a misting fan.

Shop for a floor fan with multiple speeds to find an option that will help keep your entire room cool on even the hottest days. Table or shelf fans save space while creating a directed breeze with extra cooling. A misting fan is an option for cooling down outside. With a tank attached to the blower unit, this machine will spray a fine mist while generating a breeze.

Fans vs. Air Conditioners

Cooling fans and air conditioners play an important roll in keeping people cool as temperatures rise. There are many differences between a fan and an air conditioner. An AC unit will use Freon to cool the warm air around the unit then push the colder air out through the vents. This process requires a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator, all of which use energy and are sometimes very loud as they work. A fan will simply push air, circulating it and creating a breeze that can have a cooling effect. Air coolers and accessories are typically considerably less expensive than AC units, both in the initial cost and in overall energy use. While not as efficient at cooling the air in a room quickly as an AC unit, simply circulating the air is beneficial for many people.

Because of the cost efficiency, many individuals are choosing an appealing and stylish fan over a window AC unit, which can be unsightly. Look for models finished in bamboo or with unique shapes and designs to add style to your room while cooling it. Keep in mind that highly stylized units are often more expensive than the more simple options.

You might cool your home for comfort. Maybe you need a breeze in your residence for health reasons. What ever your purposes behind shopping for a fan, do not wait until it is too hot. Buy a fan now and be prepared and comfortable. Shop now for a fan that suits your needs and style and improve your comfort and the air in your home.

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