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Fish Fryers

Fish fries and fried fish are popular almost everywhere, so it's not surprising that manufacturers offer a variety of fryers for quickly cooking a mess of fish fillets, steaks or pan-dressed fish along with fixings such as hushpuppies and French fries. Most come complete with a single, heavy-duty burner that runs off a propane tank, a large fry pot (aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron) with basket, a gas regulator and hose, and a deep-fry thermometer. More expensive versions may include options such as multiple burners or accessories that allow you to steam or boil foods such as lobsters, crawfish, clams, and vegetables.

Turkey Fryers

Deep-fried turkey, a longtime favorite in the South, has spread its flavorful wings and become popular throughout the country in recent years. Celebrity chefs rave about its crispy skin and tender, juicy meat, and millions of cooks have learned just how convenient it is to have their holiday bird done in about 45 minutes (3-1/2 minutes per pound) instead of counting down the hours.

The fryers made especially for cooking this delectable dish have a propane-fired burner and accessories similar to those used with fish cookers, but they come with a larger (typically 30-quart as compared to 10-quart) fry pot with lid, Also available are a special turkey rack and hook, and an injector so you can shoot up your bird with delicious marinades that enhance the flavor, pumps and funnels for removing and storing cooking oil and a variety of special cooking utensils.