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Name: Christine
Pet(s): Shipley (dog) - 3 years old
Years Owned: 1 year
Favorite Toy: A plush fox with no stuffing


A little anecdote about the pet(s) here. Talk about their personality. Etc.

3 Pet Products I Love:

IMAGE HERE                   1. [LINK]Majestic Pet Universal Waterproof Back Seat Cover[/LINK]
This car seat cover would be perfect for Shipley because she unfortunately suffers from car sickness. I've tried giving her medicine, but nothing seems to help. Right now, I use a towel on the seat to protect it, but it's not able to cover the entire backseat of my car. This product would make it so much easier for me to travel with Shipley and protect my car if she makes a mess. Also, it's waterproof, so I can let her play in the water at the dog park and not worry about my seats getting wet on the drive home!

IMAGE HERE                   2. [LINK]Another Product[/LINK]
This product is AWESOME!

IMAGE HERE                   3. [LINK]Another Product[/LINK]
Love this!


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