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Griddles & Electric Grills: The Easy Way to Grill Inside

A griddle is a heavy, flat iron plate used to cook foods over heat. Some griddles are gas or electric and provide their own heat. Others are used over stoves, fires or grills. Food is typically cooked directly on the surface. This cooking device usually is a broad, flat surface, but occasionally you can find an appliance with small ripples to make it more like a grill.

Most devices will have a non-stick surface, but some are simply made from cast iron. The design will depend on the manufacturer. You can find this type of product from George Foreman, Nostalgia Electrics, Koolatron and many other manufacturers. The fact is, a griddle is used in homes and restaurants around the world. Consider how you can use it and its benefits as you shop through the selection so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Cooking More Than Just Breakfast

When most people think of a griddle, they probably picture pancakes and bacon piled high for a big family breakfast. However, griddles can be used in many other ways too. In fact, because it is essentially just a flat cooking surface, you can use it for almost anything. Some people employ a griddle as a hot plate. Others cook burgers, chicken, steak, prawns, skewers and other grilled meals indoors on their appliance. You could make fajitas, quesadillas, falafel patties, hashbrowns, cheesesteaks, grilled cheese sandwiches and so much more on griddles. Needless to say, this equipment has almost endless uses.

Benefits of a Griddle

While it seems this kitchen electric can be used for a lot, you may still be curious about the benefits. The appliance seems large, and most of what you can make on it you can make on a different piece of equipment. However, it is a very beneficial kitchen appliance to have. Here are just a few benefits you may notice once you buy your new griddle.

This kitchen appliance comes in a range of prices. It all depends on the size, the accessories, the heat source and the professional grade you are looking for. Its versatility and price range make it a great appliance for many kitchens.

It provides a greater surface area than most other kitchen equipment. This means you can cook big meals or just big foods with ease. Whether you’re trying to feed 20 or you just want to heat up a large tortilla, a griddle may be the tool you need.

As mentioned previously, you can use the heat underneath the cooker as a plate warmer or an area to keep already prepared dishes warm. Now, this benefit will vary based on the appliance you buy. For example, if you get a cast iron griddle with no built-in heating element, you won’t be able to use the space underneath to keep food warm because it won’t exist.

Most options have a grease tray. This can make your chicken, steak and other greasy foods a little healthier. The grease drips right off of your food into the grease tray, so you don’t have to eat it or clean it up.

The completely flat surface is beneficial for a few different reasons. First, it makes maneuvering a spatula easier. You don’t have to worry about the edges of a frying pan, so your omelets will flip with ease. Second, the heat on the surface is even. This is especially true with the self-heating options. A griddle on the stove, grill or fire may have cooler spots.

Finally, it is a great kitchen appliance to have because it frees up your stove. If you’re cooking a huge meal, you may need all the space you can get. You could be boiling noodles, making pasta sauce, cooking a vegetable, baking bread, searing meat and browning up your appetizer all at the same time. When it comes down to it, the benefits of griddles are pretty hard to ignore.

Get Your Griddle

Are you ready to buy your own griddle? Search through the various models from the different manufacturers now to find the one that is right for you. You may be able to find self-heating griddles that use either electricity or gas. You could also find a cast iron option that is heated on the stovetop, grill or fire. Shop all of the options here at Living Direct today, so you can find the perfect griddle to complement the rest of your kitchen appliances.

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