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Industrial Dehumidifiers: Keep Your Products Dry While Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Whether it is used to ensure comfort in an office or to prevent mold and corrosion in a factory, an industrial dehumidifier from Living Direct can help keep your business operations running smoothly. Like home dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air through cooling or other drying processes. However, unlike home units, commercial dehumidifiers handle large quantities of air, operate over a wide range of temperatures, and have special built-in features to prevent performance problems. A good industrial dehumidifier represents a smart investment for most business operations.

There are several benefits to keeping humidity relatively low in most workplace settings. In spaces that employees use, such as offices and warehouses, reducing humidity improves air quality. A humid environment supports the proliferation of mold, mildew, and dust mites, which can cause employees discomfort and serious health problems. Drying out the air may help reduce the risk of employees experiencing problems with asthma, allergic reactions, and more. In settings where few employees work, such as storage facilities or automated assembly areas, controlling humidity levels can also help protect the products being stored or produced from corrosion to warping to moisture build-up. In fact, high levels of humidity can have numerous harmful effects on a wide variety of exposed items. A dehumidifier ensures products maintain their quality and stay intact.

Here at Living Direct, you can find commercial dehumidifiers of various sizes, capacities, and prices. We carry various types of dehumidifiers to best meet the needs of each business operation. Our desiccant dehumidifiers use drying agents such as silica gel to remove moisture from the air, which ensures fast drying and effective results even when relative humidity levels or temperatures are low. For operations carried out at higher temperatures, we offer many industrial-grade dehumidifiers that use traditional cooling processes to condense moisture out of the air. A number of our industrial dehumidifiers operate at extreme temperatures; many can run at 33° Fahrenheit without frosting, and a few even function at subzero temperatures. All of our models use advanced technology to ensure reliable results while lowering the risk of breakdowns.

Industrial dehumidifiers from Living Direct also come with numerous helpful features to ensure optimal results. Some of our Ebac dehumidifiers are outfitted with highly accurate instruments to measure humidity so that you can monitor performance and make adjustments as needed. Other models measure temperature, which allows the machine to operate at its most efficient setting. Many of our Ebac dehumidifiers are specially designed to be quiet but powerful. You can expect to find numerous other useful features among our selection of commercial dehumidifiers, including defrosting equipment, the ability to drain automatically, and space-friendly designs.

Controlling the moisture content of the air is essential for most businesses. Those that are located in warmer climates, operating at colder temperatures, hosting workers, and handling moisture-sensitive items can be especially vulnerable to the effects of high humidity levels. Although some people may try to outfit their business operations with regular dehumidifiers, these usually do not offer the performance, durability, or specific functions needed. The industrial dehumidifiers sold through Living Direct can make a significant, readily obvious difference in the indoor air environment, and we offer more than enough selection to meet the needs of most business operations or settings.