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IQAir : The World's Leading Air Purifier

It was the year 1963 when Manfred and Klaus Hammes introduced a simple air filter to the people of Germany. Made of a simple filter pad and magnets, it attached to residential coal ovens which were ubiquitous at the time. This air filter wasn’t sold as an air cleaner, however. It was sold as a way to reduce the sooty buildup that appeared on the walls around coal ovens, as the thick-burning air coated any surface nearby with ashen residue.

But after using the air filter themselves, the Hammes noticed something. Manfred, a lifelong sufferer of asthma, noticed that his flare-ups were becoming less frequent during the coal-heavy winters. Whenever the filter was in use, he was breathing easier. The walls of their home wasn’t the only thing a little cleaner; so were the walls of his lungs and his nostrils, where a cleaner air moved more easily than ever before.

Since then, IQAir has become a giant of the air purification industry. What once began with a humble filter pad slowly grew into carefully engineered filters. But it wasn’t until after the company moved to Switzerland and became an international distributor did Frank Hammes, Klaus’ son, join the company. Frank had just finished introducing and promoting cabin air filters for North American Mercedez-Benz, and, coupling that experience with a passion for clean air, set off to complement and improve upon the work of his lineage.

What Frank noticed first was that consumer-grade air purifiers simply didn’t match up to the purifying capabilities of commercial-grade machines. In the 90s, Frank teamed up with Swiss and German engineers to begin designing and manufacturing a consumer-line that would clean and purify home air as effectively as commercial purifiers, bringing the initial dream of the first coal air purifier into its modern conclusion: a self-contained, consumer-level air purifier that cleaned home air as effectively as possible, leaving consumers breathing as easily as they should.

Now, IQAir features a plethora of air-cleaning solutions. Self-contained HealthPro Air Purifiers offer large coverage capabilities matched with HEPA filtration, make sure to remove any nasty particulates or odors down to a rate as small as 0.003 microns. True to IQAir’s heritage, this is a rate 100 times smaller than the average air purifier—a rate that boasts a 99.7% capture rate. For truly clean air, IQAir’s effective purifiers are the answer.

A partner of the American Lung Association, IQAir also offers specialty air purifiers that target specific gaseous agents. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are easily captured by the VOC Air Cleaner, which acts as a professional gas mask for an entire room. The specially-designed filter cartridge can capture VOCs such as chlorine or butane, as well as many other chemicals that might find their way into your home.

Of course, an air purifier is only as good as the filter you put in it. Here at Living Direct, we have a variety of air and odor filters to outfit your effective IQAir air purifier and keep it running at the highest efficiency. No matter what you’re after, our selection of IQAir brand products are bound to leave you breathing cleanly and easily.