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Kegerators: How To Have Draft Beer On Tap At Home

There’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of fresh draft beer. In fact, beer connoisseurs will tell you - it’s hands down smoother, more aromatic and more flavorful than the average bottled beer. What if you could bring that draft experience from your favorite watering hole into your home? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy! Our kegerators make it a reality. These convenient appliances combine a beer refrigerator with a dispensing mechanism to put the bar-side experience within an arm’s reach.

Just why does draft beer taste so good? Whereas pasteurization typically robs bottled beers of some flavor, draft beer retains the robust flavors the brewers intended. Draft kegerators let you enjoy that unique taste whenever you want, by keeping kegs in a continuously chilled environment. The result is beer that stays fresh and carbonated for months.

Whether you have a high-traffic home bar or just enjoy kicking back with a foamy brew from time to time, a beer dispenser can be the perfect little luxury. Put one in your den and your home will quickly become ground zero for football games, poker nights, fight parties … the list goes on! We proudly carry a wide selection of beer dispensers with all the features you could ask for. Firing up the grill on your outdoor patio? Look into our outdoor beer dispensers, the perfect accessory for your cook outs. Short on space? Enjoy the convenience of our compact built-in and undercounter beer dispensers. We even offer countertop models that are portable and powerful.

Benefits of Different Beer Dispensers

A kegerator is a kegerator, right? Not quite! These appliances come in a variety of sizes and capacities, not to mention designs optimal for different settings. What works for an indoor home bar, for example, might not work for an outdoor, commercial space. Before you can choose the perfect beer dispenser, it’s vital to understand the different types. We specialize in indoor, outdoor, built-in and countertop models. Each has unique benefits.

Indoor Kegerators

Ideal for indoor bars, game rooms, dens or even kitchens, indoor kegerators function best in room temperature environments - in other words, temperatures in the mid-70s. Using an indoor kegerator outside will stress the unit’s compressor, shortens its lifespan and may result in warmer beer. For indoor environments with moderate, consistent temperatures, an indoor kegerator is the best choice.

Outdoor Kegerators

These beer dispensers are designed and rated for use outdoors. Particularly good for garages, basements and patios, these have the unique ability to work in temperatures ranging from as low as 45 degrees to as high as 100 degrees. These dispensers may also feature durable materials that make them better withstand the stresses of being outdoors.

Built-in/Undercabinet Kegerators

Like other undercabinet kitchen appliances, these beer dispensers can be built into existing cabinetry to save space and blend in with room decor. Because many kegerators vent heat out the back of the unit, however, you can’t simply put any freestanding beer dispenser into a cabinet recess. If this excess heat can’t escape, your kegerator will malfunction, so it’s critical that if you want to use your beer dispenser under a cabinet, you purchase one made specifically for that purpose. By fitting into a cabinet area, these models also take up less room, making them a popular choice for use in small homes and other limited-space environments.

Countertop Kegerators

These tiny dynamos bring the tap right to your countertop! Countertop, or “mini” kegerators, can hold a miniature keg of roughly five liters of beer, or about 14 12oz cans. Perfect for small groups, these models are best for storing beer within a very limited space. They can be tapped two to four times, on average. As a bonus, they are easier to move than their larger counterparts.

The perfect gift for craft beer enthusiasts, heavy-duty home entertainers and everything in between, our beer refrigerators enable you to keep your brews at ideal temperatures that are safe, optimal and most of all, delicious. Buy one today and enjoy it this weekend!