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Kichler Lighting

In operation since 1938, Kichler is a giant of home lighting solutions. Not only does Kichler aim to create beautiful, eye-catching home fixtures—from dining hall chandeliers to bathroom ceiling lights—but it backs these products up with a litany of service, quality, and craftsmanship. Besides stunning lighting style, these are the three main pillars of Kichler’s thorough and unparalleled service: an utter dedication to providing customers with award-winning build quality and amazing customer service not just at purchase, but throughout the entire span of the product’s life. Kichler doesn’t just provide customer service; they provide customer relationships.

Kichler’s core values don’t just flourish at a customer level, however. Their employees, managers, and even owners are dedicated to a list of values that include trust, dignity, and respect, not as burdens but as requirements. Kichler’s entire company works to achieve mutual goals in providing fantastic lighting to customers, making sure that from design, to creation, to purchase, anyone involved in a Kichler lighting fixture is a proud owner of the process. When you buy Kichler, you buy into a family.

Of course, quality means nothing without desirability. And Kichler’s lights are desirable: their fascinating designs don’t blend into backgrounds but stand out proudly as fixtures ready and willing to be known as the creators of light. While we spend tons of time ensuring that a room comes together stylistically, it doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t light to let the viewer see that beauty. And what better way to tie a room together than with a stylistically present and curated light fixture? According to Kichler—titan of quality and style—there might be nothing more important.

Here at Living Direct, we understand the importance of lighting—and lighting fixtures. That’s why we carry thousands of Kichler’s own lighting solutions on this very site. There’s no better category of lighting that exemplifies this than our selection of chandeliers. Choose from hundreds of beautiful, dangling fixtures that don’t sacrifice gorgeous installations at the threshold of affordability. Whether you’re looking for chandeliers that point up or down, we’ve got them all. Forty-inch lights with dual shades, double-tiered elegance, or simply triad downlights—you’re bound to find them here at Living Direct.

Of course, if a chandelier isn’t your style, we understand. Our Kichler pendants dangle in the same elegant style of chandeliers without the grand exuberance one might expect from a multi-pointed light fixture. These lights dangle with minimalist delight while casting the same brilliant light across your expertly designed rooms.

Traditional looks? Kichler offers them all. Wall sconces are sure to offer solutions that fit in with any décor, while ceiling lighting comes in plentiful categories. Whether you’re after flush mount, semi-flush mount, or track lighting, you’re bound to find a solution that fits in with your home at Living Direct. With a manufacturer as gracious, varied, and respected as Kichler, it’s practically impossible that you wouldn’t.

So please! Don’t just take our word for it. Browse through our wide variety of Kichler lights. No matter if you’re after something fancy, laid back, or even outdoor, you’re bound to find it here at Living Direct.